‘My manager knows how I like my coffee’

Discover what gets Trent out of bed in the morning. play

‘My manager knows how I like my coffee’


Trent Godden-Minette
2nd year graduate

‘One of the biggest things I’ve learnt is to be myself’

Discover how Megan is growing in her role. play

‘One of the biggest things I’ve learnt is to be myself’


Megan Mackay
1st year graduate

“I love being a mentor and I’m always here for a chat”

Discover the opportunities ahead play

“I love being a mentor and I’m always here for a chat”


Leo Luan
Senior Manager, Tax

We have your questions answered.

Here are the most often asked questions from graduates and students. If you can't find the information you need here or elsewhere on this site, just shoot us an email.

What does the Assurance and Advisory Division do?

Our Assurance and Advisory Division’s core services are traditional external audit and internal audit services, with an IT advisory offering.

Our team get the opportunity to work on a broad range of clients, industries and have the opportunity to work with and learn from different Partners, Managers and team members.  For our junior staff this means the opportunity to work across all streams and select a specialisation once they have depth of experience.

Often based at our client’s site, our junior staff will see firsthand what it means to run a business. 

What does the Business and Private Clients Advisory Division do?

Our Business Advisory and Private Clients Advisory division work in teams focused on industry specialisations, including a wealth management team.

Our team offer a wide variety of services to a diverse industry and client base, including but not limited to high net worth individuals, family groups, private and public entities. From managing daily operations, tax and compliance, to navigating a competitive landscape and planning an exit strategy. Understanding how to grow our clients business from one stage to the next is vital. Managing private wealth involves similar challenges. We can help our clients make the right decisions for their business, family and personally, with advice that is holistic, practical and commercial.

What does the Tax Division do?

Our Tax Division advise public, private and multinational companies to understand the seemingly unrelenting tax pressures our clients face and how best to deal with them. We help to identify and manage tax risks before they become a problem, maximise opportunities and minimise tax exposure for businesses, take realistic tax positions and ensure compliance with all ATO requirements so that our clients can focus on the bigger picture.

Made up of a number of specialist Tax areas, our team work on a broad range of clients, industries and have the opportunity to work with and learn from different Partners, Managers and team members.

Are there opportunities to work overseas?

Absolutely. We are part of the ShineWing network that has offices in more than 20 locations across Asia. We are also a member of Praxity International, a global alliance over 600 offices across 100 countries. Past secondment locations have included New York, London, Hong Kong and Vancouver. Where do you want to go? Learn more about our global alliance.

How do you go about getting the job done and still having a life?

We're not the sort of firm where you need to be seen to be working back to be working well. We understand that you have personal commitments (we all do) and we work with you to strike a balance. Of course, at times our clients and deadlines require us to work extra hours, but you get these back in the quieter times through our ‘matched time’ benefit.

Do you support postgraduate study?
Postgrad study

We love smart people. We love motivated people who want to further their development. And we love supporting those people. So, in addition to our CA support we offer generous postgraduate study leave and support. Whether it’s Masters of Tax, Certified Internal Auditor, Finsia, CFA or something totally different, just let us know what really interests you.

How do you support new starters?

The transition from student life to professional life is tough. You’ll be amazed how tired you’ll feel in your first week. We understand that it’s a challenging transition so we do our best to prepare you for work. Before you start, there will be a number of opportunities for us to get to know each better. When you are here, you'll enjoy a comprehensive induction, you'll have a buddy and manager to help you with the day-to-day, and we'll check in regularly to make sure you're ok.

What help is on hand during CA?

We know that your CA can be challenging. So, in addition to a whole lot of moral support, considered allocation of work during exam times and endless amounts of coffee and chocolate, we provide a range of really tangible support including in-house sessions, study support materials, peer group support, practice exams, study leave and even mentors who have been there before. 

What sort of benefits do you offer?

Free fresh fruit every day is just the start of a long list of additional benefits designed to help you enjoy a rewarding and productive career with us. There are the usual social activities like end of month drinks, our annual ball and Christmas party. We also offer postgraduate study support, professional memberships, discounted health insurance and have an employee assistance program. And if there is something specific that you need, just ask.

What do you look for in a graduate/vacationer/co-op?

Perfection. Only joking (sense of humour is important). The number one thing we look for is culture fit. We are proud of our culture and our people who make it what it is. So, we look for real people who are honest, hardworking, determined, driven, mature, smart (and smart enough to know they don’t know all the answers) and willing to lend a hand. Posers need not apply.

What does learning and development involve at ShineWing Australia?
Learning and development

We take a holistic approach to the development of our people. So our Learning & Development Framework is designed to support every aspect of your professional development including technical skills, strategic thinking, leadership, and project management. We want you to grow to be more than a great accountant. We want you to emerge as a trusted and indispensable professional (and a good person).

What community involvement do you have?
Community involvement

We think we are a fairly generous and giving firm. We also know we can always do more to help those in need. Our corporate social responsibility committee, Community Opportunities Together (Co2), encourages and supports our staff to give back to our community. We encourage and support our staff to give back to our community. What’'s important to our people, is important to us. We volunteer our time to non-profit organisations, work with schools to help students navigate their way through the countless challenges they face as they move in to working life, and we participate in a range of money raising activities for charitable organisations. 

What sort of clients will I work on?
Working with clients

One of the things that makes life at ShineWing Australia so interesting is the range of clients we work with, including ASX listed companies, small to medium sized businesses, not-for-profits, private clients and start ups. We work for these clients across a range of industries and markets and many of our clients have global operations and aspirations. Our clients' needs and challenges are all different, but the one constant is our approach to building strong relationships that create opportunity for them.

What makes us different?

Hopefully, you've worked it out by now. If you are still not sure, have another quick look at this website and ask yourself ‘what’s the common denominator?’ Here's a clue. It’s starts with ‘P’.

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