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ShineWing Australia has been developing practical tax publications and software solutions for more than two decades. We are highly product orientated and have a distinguished track record in delivering reliable, robust and cutting edge tax software solutions to corporate entities.

We have combined our years of expertise in corporate tax and software engineering to produce the next generation of Complete Tax Solutions (CTS).

CTS is used by large and listed corporate groups in Australia. The tax effect accounting function of the software is relied upon by hundreds of tax professionals (including those in professional services firms and in industry) nationally. 

The CTS Solution 

CTS enables corporates to streamline and automate the entire tax reporting and compliance process. This includes accounts integration, tax management, accounting for income taxes, consolidated tax return preparation and generation of tax journals and disclosures for the financial statements. CTS delivers increased efficiency and effectiveness.

CTS streamlines the calculation of tax balances to be included in the financial statements.

CTS automatically: 

  • calculates the current and deferred tax balances

  • generates the journals required to be posted  

  • generates the comprehensive AASB 112 compliant disclosure notes to be incorporated into the financial statements.

This means that the complex tax effect accounting is simplified, with the hard work being done for you. 


Accounting system


Features and Benefits

Complete Tax Solutions has a number of features and benefits that our customers take advantage of every day.

Tax Return Preparation

CTS integrates the tax reporting and tax return preparation process. This feature mitigates the duplication of work and costs, enabling the tax return to be prepared and lodged manually or electronically with the Australian Taxation Office via the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) portal in a timely manner.
CTS facilitates record keeping and linking of all workpapers. The workpapers are systematic and form the basis of support in the event of a tax audit. 


With the automation function, automatic links, rigorous testing and in-built validation features, you can be confident with the outputs from CTS.

Tax Management

The tax management component enables listing and monitoring of required tasks. This means stronger communication and more effective supervision.


Our training and customer support is characterised by exemplary professionalism which means availability and prompt resolution of issues. When you ring our support line you will speak to a fully qualified tax professional who will be able to understand and resolve your issues. 
Access to the helpline is provided at no extra cost.

Added Value

CTS is backed by an easy to read help screen, written to promote understanding of highly technical tax effect accounting issues, which includes leading technical commentary and numerous practical examples.

Evaluate Performance

CTS generates information to assist with the evaluation of the company’s performance and financial position.

Consolidation Function

CTS enables the consolidation of the tax effect accounting balances and disclosure notes using a ‘bottom up’ approach. The system also enables the preparation and lodgement of the consolidated income tax return and schedules.

Geographic Mobility

CTS enables subsidiaries/finance functions in different geographic locations to use the same tax effect accounting and tax return preparation software. The electronic files can be transmitted from the different locations to the head office for consolidated tax reporting and tax return preparation. This facilitates control and knowledge transfer and represents a more robust and systematic tax compliance approach. The foreign currency translation functionality automates the translation, of local currency to the group's reporting currency. 

User Friendly 

CTS has been developed within the Microsoft Excel environment, providing a user friendly and familiar working platform for users. While CTS is intuitively simple to use, we have incorporated a detailed step-by-step user guide. This means most of the process can be delegated and less time is needed to become familiar with the software.

The users of CTS operate in the following sectors:


Clean Energy

Transport and Logistics

Funds Management


Global Trading

Mining and Oil Refinery     

Power Generation


Professional Services

Property Development

Rental Services


Software and IT Services     







Want to find out more?

To learn more about how Complete Tax Solutions can benefit your business, simply click here to email Daren Yeoh, Partner at ShineWing Australia, who will be in touch with you within the next business day.

What do clients have to say about us?

Saves Valuable Time

“We use it for statutory accounts and also local monthly reporting… With a business as usual month end our consolidated tax calculation is completed in 15 minutes!”

“Rollover of previous year's balances – saves considerable time and ensures that balances are transferred accurately…”

Empowers Your Tax Team

“… CTS allows me to quickly access job progress in the event of a client enquiry and ensure that my schedules are met…”

“Using CTS to bring the tax reporting process in-house has empowered management and provided us with greater control of the tax reporting and compliance tasks…”

Regular Software Enhancements

“We have also found ShineWing Australia helpful in developing CTS each year to satisfy any additional requirements we might have both internal and external to the business…”

Ease of Use

“CTS is developed using an Excel platform which makes it easy to learn, navigate and customise where required…”

“Being Excel, our staff were familiar with the layout and capabilities from the start…”

Friendly Support Team

“CTS support staff have been warm, friendly and efficient…”

“We also found the CTS helpline team to be responsible, professional and helpful…”

“It is pleasing that the support extends all the way to the top and comes inclusive in the price of the software…”


“… The flexibility of the package would make the software suitable for large and small practices in addition to large corporates who prepare their returns in-house…”

“Being able to use the same software for both the tax reporting and tax return preparation process eliminated duplication… The transition was hassle free…”